Secure Wordpress - Am I Scaring You Yet?

Many people have yet to grasp how important it is that you create backups of your website regularly. This can and often does help WordPress website owners avoid the mind-numbing pain of getting your site disappear, with no viable copy or backup. Let's look at a few ways to prevent this doomsday scenario!

Allow me to shoot a couple of scare tactics your way since scare tactics seem to be what compels some people to take how to fix hacked wordpress a little more seriously, or at the very least start thinking about the problem.

Strong passwords - Do what you can to use a password, alpha-numeric, with upper and lower case and special characters. Easy to remember passwords are easy to guess!

Yes, you need to do regular backups of your website. I recommend at least a weekly database backup and a monthly "full" backup. More. Definitely, if you make changes and additions to your website. If you have a community of people that are in there click for info all the time, or make changes multiple times a day, a daily backup should be a minimum.

BACK UP your website and keep a copy on your own computer and off-site storage. Back For those who have a website that is very active. You spend a whole lot of look these up money and time on your website, don't skip this! Is BackupBuddy, no other plug-ins back up widgets your files, plugins and database. Need to move your site to another host, this will do it in less than a few minutes!

Do not use wp_ as a prefix for your databases. Most web hosting providers are eliminating that default but if yours does not, fix wp_ to anything else but that.

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